Gender Fluid – To Be Fluid Is To Thrive

Precious Plated 
Gender Fluid
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Pictured Above in 3d Printed Polished Gold Steel
3d Printed Gold Steel
14k White
Not everyone is a boy or a girl. Show pride in non-binary. You decide what gender means. Gender does not dictate capacity. Gender is a social construct. To be fluid is to thrive.
Each piece is custom made to order, just for you!
14k Rose
3d Printed Gold Steel
14k Rose
14k Rose
14k White
Gender Fluid Pendant
Gender Fluid Illustration 1
Gender Fluid Illustration 2
Gender Fluid Illustration 3
Alex Steele (R. Leah O'Shell)
There are some illustrations on this site that exemplify what it means to me to be GenderFluid and what gender means. Thank you for looking!

My name is Alex Steele (R. Leah O'Shell), and I am Gender Fluid. I didn't see a symbol that I felt could explain accurately the way in which that makes me feel, so I created one.

Its a flowing symbiotic manifestation of characteristics of male and female, combined. I realized my vision in the form of the GenderFluid Pendant - its available in lovely fine metals.

Please feel free to play with the product visualizer to explore each option, and use the get button to take you to our exclusive distribution site where you can find other designs I have created.

Gender Fluid Illustration 4
Gender Fluid is currently being developed and will be updated soon. If you would like to know more about us, please contact the Aeon Development Group!
Gender Fluid Illustration 5